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Number 3 is a symbol of the transition between two worlds. The waiting room between chaos and order. A space without limits where everything is possible.

In the third act of the play, the choreographer Helder Seabra, reflects on how the opposites coexist - harmony and anarchy, consciousness and the subconscious. Number 3 emphasises that the world is more complex than it it seems at first glance. the movement is trying to catch the great beauty of the complexity of being, in which every particle strives for an unattainable order.

How do we exist in such a dynamic world? How to survive in turmoil and continuous social, religious and political conflicts? How can we, creatures enclosed in an imperfect shell, find harmony between body and mind? How to go beyond their capabilities? Life exists thanks to the structures that we ourselves build. But how do we share new knowledge and create a new world together?


Concept, direction and choreography

   Helder Seabra

Choreoghraphy assistant

   Emily Mcdaniel


  Victoria Litvinova (Bolshoi theatre), Polina Mitryashina (independent), Zlata Yalinich (Mariinsky theatre), Sabina Yapparova (Mikhailovsky theatre), Vladimir Varnava (independent), Yuri Smekalove (Mariinsky theatre), Alexey Nedviga (Mariinsky theatre), Diego Calderon (Samar Academic Opera and Ballet theatre). Alexander Chelidze (independent)



   Bihma Yunusov


   Elisey Shepelev

Costume designer

   Nina Shterenberg

Video Designer

   Sergey Rylko

Lighting designer

   Konstantin Binkin

Make up Artist

   Olga Kostenetskaya

Executive producer

   Rinat Dulmaganov



   Victoria Nazarova

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