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Helder Seabra

Helder Seabra (1982, V.N.Gaia) started dancing in 2000 and studied at Ginasiano (Portugal) and P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium). Between 2000 and 2003 he was involved in projects with Pedro Carvalho, Ronit Ziv and Javier de Frutos (Companhia Instável). In 2004, he joined Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus for the revival of “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles” and continued on as a member of the company till 2008. He performed in “PUUR”, “Spiegel”, “MENSKE” and the dance film “Here After”. In 2008 he assisted Vandekeybus in “BlackBiist” for the Götteborg Danskompani, co-created the duo “Fica Aqui” with Cláudio Stellato, collaborated with Inês Cerqueira and Joaquim Carvalho in the video dance “Macla” and gave movement / rhythm classes to the Basketball Oporto team. In 2009 he was involved in different projects, both as a creator and as a performer and taught internationally. He directed “In.Tent”, created “IMAGO” for Companhia Instável, performed in “Mindscaping”, and assisted Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in “Dunas”. In 2010 he co-created and performed with Victor Hugo Pontes the duo “Rendez-Vous”. From January 2010 till recently, he was a member of Eastman / Larbi Cherkaoui company as a performer, choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and tutor for local and international teaching assignments of the company; performer in “BABEL” (by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Damien Jalet,), “TeZukA” and “Anna Karenina”, assistant for “IT3.0”, “Automaton” for Pilobolus Dance theater, “Siegfried”, “Götterdammerung”, “Milonga”, “Noetic” for Götteborg DansKompani, and “Puz/zle” in which he figures also as a performer. In 2013 he assisted Damien Jalet in “Les Meduses” for the Louvre Museum in Paris. In parallel he has been developing his own work; he created a work for “Compass” for Sadlers Wells; and “Caress”, “Unfolded”, “No Man’s Land”, “FootPrint” “ConTinuum”, “Poisoned Arrow”, “Coup de Foudre”, “Six of one, (and) Half a Dozen of the Other”, “Untrodden Grounds”, “It takes a long time to become young”, “Tabula Rasa”, “In silence we trust”, “Concealed Thread”, “Passer By”, “NEXUS”, “Omnia Mutantur, nihil interit”, “VORTEX”, “Tempora Mutantur”, "LudumViate", "Spektrum of Being", the choreography for “Trouw Met Mij” the new film by Kadir Balci, the choreography on the internationally acclaimed actor Jonathan Pryce for the short movie “One Last Dance” by Luke Losey, and he teaches his class / workshop “InnerCore” regularly (inter)nationally in schools, companies and international training and choreographic centers. In 2013 Helder founded HelKa vzw; which has allowed him to further explore the full potential of the body & mind and investigate different forms of dialogue through collaboration. Since then, in November 2014 the first full-length company production “When The Birds Fly Low The Wind Will Blow” premiered at de Warande, Turnhout and had a significant tour in 2015/16. In 2015 ‘In Absentia’ premiered, in 2016 ‘LORE’ and in 2017 urBach, a project performed in churches, mixing Urban and Contemporary dance, Bach’s music played live on a church organ, and electronic music. In 2017, he was also an actor / performer and movement assistant for the performance ‘De Passant’, directed by Michai Geyzen for Laika company. In 2018 he coached the solo “Missing” for the TV actor Adams Mensah, choregraphed “RÖNTGEN” a commissioned piece for the Dance Company of the Staatstheater Kassel in a shared evening with the artistic director and choreographer Johannes Wieland, and later that year choreographed “HIATUS”, a commissioned full-length piece for the company Unusual Symptoms and Theater Bremen. 2019 saw Helder busy with a few and very exciting new projects between HelKa and commissioned work for other companies. He co-created and performed alongside with his longtime friend and artistic brother Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo ‘The Well in the Lake’, choreographed ‘Dawn’, a commissioned project for the company ‘Kale’ with Premiere at DDD Festival in Porto, ‘3’ for MAD Company from St Petersburg / Russia, with ballet dancers from the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, Samara, Bolshoi theaters and independent dancers too. All pieces have been very well received by the press and public and a few of them are still being performed (inter)nationally.


After several years of studying and working with the big names (P.A.R.T.S. / Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus and Eastman / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) of the international contemporary dance theater field from Belgium, Helder founded Helka vzw in 2013; in order to channel all his previous experiences and allow him to further explore the full potential of the body & mind and investigate different forms of dialogue through collaboration. Since then he has created and established artistic partnerships from the different art fields, at the same time as creating his own artistic signature, that no matter what type of project and universe he might be creating, the visual, the atmosphere, the physical and theatrical language is always very palpable and recognizable.

A dynamic style, with a high physique, an experimental dance theater aesthetic, and always accompanied by original composed and played live music.

Has the work evolved through the last years, the structure has also evolved and Incognitus has taken over HelKa, in order for Helder to continuously develop his creative process, keeping what is unique to him and keeping abiding the collaboration with other artists. Collaboration has always been essential to the creative and didactic process that Helder has been developing throughout the years, and Incognitus is nowadays the mirror of the ever-changing and evolving work that is continuously researched upon and developed further. It has become the umbrella through which Helder creates, performs and teaches on an international scale. The platform where through on going reflection on the human complexity, and the gestures and movement of exhilarating material from personal to collective orbs, Helder keeps creating reminiscent, questioning, inspiring, emotive and theatrical images of touching exquisiteness and emotional substance, where artistry and human honesty walk side by side.

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