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Looking back into his own past, Helder Seabra, the invited choreographer by KALE Dance Company to this new project, explores the complexity of human relations within one single language of dynamic, physical and theatrical movement, his characteristic signature.

This encounter is a meditation and confrontation about separation and loss, change of the fluctuations on the journey of human development and growth, and a reflexion on progression, having as its base the rooting on origins: heritage.

Concept, direction and coreography

   Helder Seabra

  Emily McDaniel, Joana Couto, Caterina Campo, Imola Kacsó, Charlie Britain, José Merieles, Martón Gláser, Stijn Vanmarsenille, Ana Margarida Tasso, Leonor Barbosa, Marlett Arauújo 

Original Soundtrack 
   Stijn Vanmarsenille

Rehearsal director
   Sara Moreira 

Light Design 
   Joaquim Madaíl


   Lauren Maganete

   SEAD, HelKa vzw, de warande, Mandalain Ballett Biarritz

   ARMAZÉM22, Dansstudio Arlekino Antwerp 

 GINASIANO Escola de Dança, SOGRAPE, Dansstudio Arlekino Antwerp (BE), Christine Hassid Project, OSA+MUJIKA, RÉGARDS CROISÉS 

   KALE Companhia Dança

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