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When the birds fly low, the wind will blow

Four people return to the faded glory of a house they once lived and loved.

They come to clarify unresolved questions and relationships.
They do not know each other, because they lived in the house in different periods.

Nobody knows how their meeting will end.

There is a change, maybe even a threat in the air.

With this starting point for his performance When The Birds Fly Low, The Wind Will Blow, the young choreographer Helder Seabra touches on notions of exile, memory and melancholy.

The saudade haunts: he cannot deny his Portuguese ancestry.

Concept, direction and choreography

   Helder Seabra

Created with and perfromed by

   Ricardo Ambrózio, Sarah Baltzinger, Damien Fournier, Jeffrey Schoenaers, Julio Cesar Iglesias


   Lou Cope


Original live music

  Maya’s Moving Castle. Maya (Ann-Sophie Claeys): vocals, cello, keys; Nele De Gussem: guitar, vocals, keys; Stijn Vanmarsenille: basguitar, keys; Elias De Voldere: Drums


   Anna Volpini, Helder Seabra


Lighting design

   Kim Rens

Sound technician

   Pieterjan Coppejans, Dries Wouters



   Paul van Caudenberg

Costumes / Stylist

   Frederick Denis

Text coach

   Karel Tuytschaever

Produced by

   BeMove GCV

Co-produced by

   de Warande, Turnhout


   Koen Broos

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