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An area where the land is close to or below sea level is called a lowland, which also refers to Freud’s theory, who compares the mind to an iceberg—it floats with a seventh of its volume, its only visible portion, above water. In this piece for eight performers, the creator dives below sea level, into the “unconscious mind”, and guides the artists and the audience on a journey through the “waiting room of the mind”, where thoughts remain until they manage to attract the conscious’ attention. Primal instincts (desires, fears, wishes, believes and anxieties, among others) and impulses kept at a distance resurface no longer disguised by the mannerisms of adult niceties. The physicality associated with the unconscious becomes the main character, and it resorts to the body. In a meeting between people in an “empty space”, the search for a common essence may allow for a deeper understanding of our daily life and our personal and collective identity. By means of a highly physical and experimental dance and theatre aesthetics, one tours the shadow world of existence, of inner stories that unfold beyond language and words.

Concept, Direction and Choreography

   Helder Seabra

Creation Assistant and Rehearsal Director

   Mafalda Deville

Created with and Performed by

   Afonso Cunha, Dinis Duarte/Deeogo Oliveira, Joana Couto, Mário Araújo, Mercedes Quijada/Lea Siebrecht, Pedro Matias and Sara Santervás 



   Gustavo Magalhães, Marta Cardoso 

Musical composition and interpretation

   Stijn Vanmarsenille

Technical direction and light design

   Joaquim Madaíl


   Israel Pimenta

Costume Design

   Pedro Ribeiro\

Costumes assistant

   Maria Afonso Coelho


   Pedro Sardinha


   Instável - Centro Coreográfico

Production direction

   Rita Santos

Stage direction

   Rita Tavares


   Erva Daninha, Lupralnorte, Azeite Tojeira e Plastiborracha Lda

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