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Part of morgendämmerung, a shared evening with Johannes Wieland for Staatstheater Kassel Dance Company.

Don't we all want to be more productive, faster, nicer, just better? What do we do when good is no longer good enough? Can the desire to be perfect change our lives physically and mentally? Self-optimization is great, but it means productivity controlling and being driven, enjoying everything to the end, learning to win, not wasting time on trivialities, being everywhere - becoming the prototype of modern people.
"In politics, we believe that power lies in the free decisions of common citizens. In the market economy, we believe that the customer is always right. Humanistic art believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, humanistic education teaches us to think independently, and humanistic ethics advises us to do what feels good. […] Listen to yourself, be honest with yourself, trust yourself, follow your heart, just do what feels good. "

Yuval Noah Harari

Concept, direction and choreography

   Helder Seabra

Created with and performed by

   Cree Barnett Williams, Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Christina Mertzani, Jordan Gigout, Evangelos Poulinas, Alison Monique Adnet, Cecilia Wretemark, Niv Melamed, Victor Rottier, Zoe Gyssler, Alessia Ruffolo, Luca Ghedini, Safet Mistele, Shafiki Sseggayi, Juan José Tirado Pulido, Sebastian Zuber


Stage Design
   Matthieu Götz

   Evelyn Schönwald


Original Music

   Stijn Vanmarsenille

Dramaturgy and Production Management
   Thorsten Teubl

   Dirk Thorbrügge

Rehearsal director

   Lauren Rae Mace


   N. Klinger

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