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Spektrum of Being

Where are the others? Are they the only survivors?

And how can they still communicate with each other after this complete shutdown?

They seem to have forgotten.

They have to start from scratch.

Only dependent on instinct to survive. Together and alone.

Everything seems to change with every move they make.

The only certainty is that there are no certainties.


Who are they together? Everything and nothing.

There are so many roles and relationships in which they can find themselves:

mother and son, brother and sister, lovers or total strangers.

In a world where words are not enough, they seek for a common language, with

movement and dance, touch and repulsion, sounds, music – the barriers between them seem to disappear.

But is this new balance the point where everything is recalibrated?

Are they back at the end and now everything starts from scratch?


A kinetic performance in a raw atmosphere, a physical testing of boundaries, a musical performance, a state of mind and body whirlwind, and the inability to stay connected.

Reality and fiction will fade

Concept, Direction and Choreography

   Helder Seabra

Created with and Performed by

   Kris Auman, Mafalda Deville, Helder Seabra, Stijn Vanmarsenille

Original Live Music

   Kris Auman, Stijn Vanmarsenille

Lighting Design

   Kim Rens


   Kim Rens and Helder Seabra


   Pedro Sardinha

Produced by

   Incognitus vzw

With the support of

   República Portuguesa - Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

Thanks to

   cc de Factorij, Armazém 22

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