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The Well in the Lake

Two castaways in perpetually changing surroundings, every movement delivering a new transformation – or is everything not what it seems? Does the space move the dancers? Everything is connected to everything else in this Becket-like scenario that dancer Helder Seabra and Julio César Iglesias Ungo devise in their new project. The two figures have arrived at a perpetual circle of development and failure, they depend on each other, yet they only revolve around themselves. The energy they have to expend for their movements will be visible and palpable all over the room. The evening’s only constant will be uncertainty. It applies to all of them in equal measure, to all who enter this malleable space. 
Helder Seabra and Julio César Iglesias Ungo were dancers in renowned Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus’ company Ultima Vez. Now, for the first time, they have been collaborating on a duet, accompanied by live musicians Christoph Heinze aka Inhalt der Nacht and Stijn Vanmarsenille. 



Concept, choreography, dance:

   Helder Seabra, Julio César Iglesias Ungo


Composition, music

   Christoph Heinze aka Inhalt der Nacht, Stijn Vanmarsenille



   Alvaro Rodriguez

Light design

   Lennart Aufenvenn


   Pipo Tafel

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