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Helder Seabra brings Bach to the 21st century with fireworks from urban and contemporary dance in six churches. A range of types of urban dance. Add to that the great instigator Bach, live organ music and live soundscape. The Portuguese top dancer and choreographer Helder Seabra shows thirteen youngsters dancers from the Kempen virtually break the limits in six churches. In summary: the powerful, beautiful fireworks called "urBach".

Concept, direction and choreography

   Helder Seabra


Assistant choreography

   Marco Menezes


Live organ music

   Nico Declerck


Live soundscapes

   Stijn Vanmarsenille


   Kim Rens



   Mensah Adams, Chelsea Deckx, Cheyenne Preys, Denzel Bruckenburg, Flo Bastiaensen,

Garnett Chambers, Geike Damen, Jessica Gonzalez Muñoz, Luca Kortekaas, Marco Menezes,

Nicolas Temmerman, Sem Deliveyne, Shana Bracke ...


Bart Van der Moren


With the support of the municipality of Hoogstraten / in the context of ‘t Pact / is M. Mixtuur vzw and Octave vzw

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